Tilden Middle School / Rock Terrace School

Keller provided Construction Management services to Montgomery County Public Schools on the construction of a new 245,000 SF replacement school which houses a middle school and also includes a special needs school attached to the building. The existing two-story middle school was demolished to make way for the new three and two story building. The Tilden Middle School facility has a capacity of 1,215 students with a core of 1,500 students, and the Rock Terrace School was designed to accommodate approximately 100 students. Unique aspects of this project include the circulation requirements which maintain clear separation of the students from the Tilden Middle School population and Rock Terrace School. While the two schools are co-located, they operate as separate entities and require individual identities as well as shared spaces to unify students when appropriate. Team architect, Samaha, accomplished this goal with distinct architecture for each school and separate, easily identifiable entrances that still establish a unified composition by employing contrasting colors of masonry and metal panels. The two main entries form a cohesive whole that enhances the neighborhood, respecting the context and the actively engaged community. Shared and collocated spaces in the center of the building promote staff collaboration and efficiency of uses of building services. A clear pathway between the two schools to allow students to move from one school to another for specific programs. The concept of two co-located schools with shared areas enhances education opportunities for all enrolled students. The site’s challenging sloping terrain helped to inform the design of the three-story building, dividing the three zones working with the topography of the site. Tilden’s first floor level is the highest with the building stepping down a few feet to the shared/co-located area, and then stepping down again to Rock Terrace.


Owner: Montgomery County Public Schools

Architect: Samaha

Project Delivery: Construction

Management At Risk