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Alexandria City Public Schools - Job Order Contract (JOC)

Client: Alexandria City Public Schools

Description: Keller is providing Job Order Contracting (JOC) services to Alexandria City Public Schools.The JOC contract work includes repairs, alterations, modernizations, rehabilitation, and minor new construction of infrastructure, buildings, structures, or other real property.

The scope of work includes architectural, mechanical, structural, electrical, site development, surveying, geotechnical, value engineering, cost estimating and HVAC.

The types of work performed includes, but is not limited to, electrical, plumbing, painting, carpentry, masonry, concrete work, additions, interior work, brick work, window and door repair, millwork, geotechnical, general site work, pavement, natural grass/turf, planting, irrigation, and excavation.

Montgomery County, Maryland - Task Order Contract

Client: Montgomery County, Maryland Department of General Services

Description: Keller is providing construction services to Montgomery County for various County facility projects under a Task Order Contract.This Contract is a competitively bid, firm-fixed-price, indefinite-quantity Task Order Contract for construction services on an as-needed basis.The size of projects under this contract typically range in construction cost between $250,000 and $3,000,000.Task Orders may include, but are not limited to, site work, utilities, structural systems, HVAC systems, electrical systems, life safety systems, demolition up to three stories, grading, interior renovations, thermal envelope, roofing and finishes.

Montgomery County Public Schools - Minor Construction Services on Six Schools

Client: Montgomery County Public Schools

Description: This project consisted of renovations to six educational facilities for Montgomery County Public Schools.During the summer of 2015 we successfully performed minor renovations of classrooms, a computer room, a Reading Recovery and Tutoring Room, offices and a kitchen for six occupied schools including four high schools and two elementary school facilities. Each project included selective demolition and new finishes.Long lead items included a sound system, cabinets, countertops, display boards, glass, doors frames and hardware.The installation of new plumbing fixtures required removal and excavation of existing concrete floors for new connections.

Frederick County Public Schools – Minor Construction Services

Client: Frederick County Public Schools

Description: Keller is performing minor construction services for Frederick County Public Schools on a lump sum, as needed basis.Work includes minor construction, repairs/rehabilitation, and maintenance work for projects within the Frederick County Public Schools Construction Management and Maintenance Departments.